Delta Quilters

July 24th  workshop 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm  Cost $3.00

This workshop is dedicated to finishing quilts or projects for the boutique for the Quilt Show.  There will be members present who can demonstrate how to make sleeves and binding.  There is no charge for this workshop.

August 28th  Cathy Decker will teach us a Table Topper

September 25th Maryann Hussey will teach us how to make a Microwave bowl.

September 30th  Our workshop will be at Bethel Island and the Tool Lady, Lisa McKissic will teach us about tools used for quilting etc.  This is a limited class of 22 only.  So get you name on the sign up sheet.  There is a charge for this to be announced by Lucy at the general meeting.  If you cannot make it to the workshop Call Lucy Meis  925-727-2139 or email her at